The GDC Action against Racism and the Confederate Flag on September 5, 2015

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For the report exposing Kroll, click here.

On April 30, 2015, the officers of the Minneapolis Police Department elected Robert Kroll, an open racist, to represent them as the president of the Police Officer’s Federation of Minneapolis.

Kroll has a long history of white supremacist activity and statements, ranging from wearing “White Power” badges on his jacket, being a member of a motorcycle club whose members openly display KKK and neo-nazi symbols, describing Muslims as terrorists, physically threatening a black city council member, and worse. He has been accused of multiple incidents of brutality against residents of our city, such as a 1995 case in which he was accused of kicking, beating, choking, and using racial slurs against a 15-year-old boy.

Not only is this man a threat to working class people in our city and area, the fact that the MPD elected this man as their representative to the media and the city shows us the extent to which they should be trusted to work in a diverse city like Minneapolis. IT IS TIME FOR ALL WORKING PEOPLE TO SAY “NO MORE” TO WHITE SUPREMACIST POLICE TERROR.

Join Local 14 of the General Defense Committee and the African People’s Caucus of the IWW in a rally to demand:

  • Robert Kroll resign or be removed from his position at president of the Police Officer’s Federation
  • Robert Kroll be removed from the police force
  • That media outlets refuse to interview a white supremacist as a reliable source regarding police brutality in the city

MEET AT 6PM, BOTTINEAU PARK, 19th Ave and 2nd St NE, and march together to the Police Officer’s Federation hallĀ several blocks away


Twin Cities IWW General Defense Committee Local 14
Twin Cities IWW African People’s Caucus
Idle No More, Twin-Cities, Minnesota
The Harriet Tubman and Comandanta Ramona School for Liberation
Native Lives Matter.org
SPEAR – Stand Powerful Earth’s Army Resistance
Black Lives Matter – Saint Paul
Twin Cities IWW (General Membership Branch)
Black Man Stand Up
March Against Corruption
Paper Revolution
Idle No More Duluth

to add your endorsement as a group, email gdc@iww.org, or leave it as a comment or message on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TC.GDC



3 thoughts on “December 3: Fight White Supremacy & Police Terror: OPPOSE BOB KKKROLL

  1. Typical of a racist and hate filled organization like the GDC and The Black Lies Matter extremist revolutionary organization to spew more hatred and racist ideology! Your organizations are as racist as the Klu Klux Klan, Black Panthers (right MPLS Mayor Hodges) or IWW African People Caucus!

    Stop hiding behind we protest in peace… stop hiding behind kids that you place on your front lines while you spew hatred and vulgarities and throw rocks and bottle at police!

    Stop committing violent acts against police, rock throwing, bottle throwing, Molotov cocktails being thrown at cops and cowardly shots being fired from alley ways towards cops! Thanks media for perpetuating their lie of peaceful protests by not releasing those videos! Plenty exist and are findable on line!

    Stop hiding behind excuses that the World is out to get the black man…. it’s used as a crutch to justify violent and overt reverse racism spewed daily by a the black extremist and white guilt fools!

    Stop attacking anyone that speaks up and out exposing the lies and systemic racism that fuels your organizations!

    Please continue destroying city and state proprerty…blocking interstates and pissing the general public off because you lose any potential support you might get by doing so!

    There is nothing non-violent, peaceful or productive about your organizations… YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE…we are all watching and you’ll never last… everything you stand for and claim to be is a lie!


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