Freeman’s conference was very much as expected.
  • He laid out the bureaucratic limits on his ability to prosecute, which he used as a personal excuse.
  • He laid out the evidence against Jamar, none of which was convincing to anyone in the room.
  • He scorned questions, and attempted to demean the questioners.
  • When challenged directly, he turned tail and abruptly fled.
There are no charges.
We cannot ever trust the police. We cannot trust those who trust the police with our safety.
We need #CommunitySelfDefense.
We will see you tonight.

But before we do, we want you to know that the liberal strategy of working with the police and the state has obviously failed, again. No more. If you work with the police against those fighting for justice, especially if you do it to consolidate your power within this oppressive system, you are doing the police’s dirty work. And we notice.

Please read these:

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