**UPDATE as of 11:00 PM, Saturday**
Earlier today, the General Defense Committee (GDC) published an extensive reveal of the shoddy organization and frankly dangerous work of an out of town organization to call for a protest outside of the Saint Anthony Police Department. In that notice, we strongly encouraged people not to attend the rally, and instead to support the occupation at the Governor’s Mansion.
After a lengthy set of interactions, an ad-hoc committee which included GDC members had Don’t Shoot turn control of the entire event to that ad-hoc committee.
As a result, we no longer encourage people to stay away from this event. If you wish to go, we encourage you to go. We do, however, suspect that the Governor’s Mansion will and should remain the focus of our major efforts.
For the revolution that liberates all. Justice For Philando, and all victims of police murder and state violence. If we don’t see you tomorrow at 2, we’ll see you at the governor’s mansion.




On July 7th 2016 local activist/organizers affiliated with the Justice for Jamar movement became aware of an event posted on Facebook titled “Justice for Philando Castile” by a previously unknown group called “Don’t Shoot”. In response, members of the General Defense Committee Local 14 and others decided to get in touch with “Don’t Shoot” to confirm who they are and what organizations they are working with. “Don’t Shoot” responded by stating that “student unions, the GreenParty of MN, Together We Stand, and Students for a Democratic Society at UMN are also helping us”


Subsequently, members of the General Defense Committee contacted local organizers from the above mentioned organizations. None of these groups or individuals were able to confirm that they were working together with “Don’t Shoot” and denied that they were helping to organize the action on Sunday. To date no local organization has sponsored this event.


Given the fact that “Don’t Shoot” has made contradictory statements about their organizing efforts and the fact that no local organizations know of them or their real intentions, for the safety and security of all those who RSVP’d, we strongly urge you not to attend this Sunday’s event at 2pm at the Saint Anthony Police Department. If you or anyone you know wants to continue supporting the movement for Justice for Philando Castile, we recommend that you instead support the ongoing occupation the outside of Governor Dayton’s mansion.
Just prior to publishing, we received an anonymous tip perhaps explaining who “Don’t Shoot” really is. Here’s what we got:
Don’t shoot is the facebook front for a domain called dontshoot.us.
This is all their webpage says: “Error establishing a database connection.” The website is registered to Clerk York at: 7501 W Cermak Rd North Riverside 60546. Which is in a strip mall. The phone number 7084421111 is a modem or fax machine. The carrier is AT&T and it is listed to Lee Nails, a nail salon in that strip mall and also to customer service for said strip mall. In other words, its a front for something…. total troll job.
In the spirit of solidarity,
Twin Cities General Defense Committee Local 14


Posted by Twin Cities IWW General Defense Committee Local 14 on Saturday, July 9, 2016

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