At this point, some have heard that a few disgruntled people commented with threats against our protest planned this Saturday at 6PM at Saint Anthony City Hall. Some have asked us, reasonably, if the event is still on.
The Event Is Still On! We Are Going Ahead!
  • We have identified the threatmakers, and have home and work information on them, along with photographic proof that they have broken military law. We also know the particular grouping in which they operated within the WI National Guard. And we’ve put them on blast in public. They’ve asked us to remove some of the information, and insisted that they weren’t serious. 
  • Additionally, we have been threatened before. When we organized a protest against Bob KKKroll of the MPD Cop Union, and combined it (unannounced) with a shutdown of Sheriff Stanek’s fundraiser (both successful), Bob KKKroll himself sent threats to us to ‘Stay out of NE,’ and his equally repellent buddy cop Jeffrey Jindra also attempted to intimidate us.
  • Why aren’t we worried? Because, as has always been the case with the actions we organize, we provide our own security, our own marshals, and our own scouts. We do not rely on anyone else to protect us or those who attend our actions. We insist on Community Self Defense.
  • No GDC-planned action has resulted in attacks on our groups, despite internet threats. Fear is their major weapon. The community is ours.


Meet at St. Anthony Village – City Office
3301 Silver Lake Road NE St. Anthony, MN 55418
Organized by IWW General Defense Committee
Endorsed by IWW African Peoples Caucus • Justice4MarcusGolden • Justice for Phil Quinn • Black Lives Matter – St. Paul • Communities United Against Police Brutality •Twin Cities Coalition 4 Justice 4 Jamar Clark • Blue LIES Matter • Saint Paul for Justice • Black Saint Paul . . . and more coming on board!

29 JULY 2016

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