This note is intended to begin a syllabus of readings, and a list of resources, for people new to antifascist organizing (post-Trump election liberals, often). This note was started before a comrade drew my attention to this excellent list published the day previously.

That list is far more encyclopedic and full than this is intended to be.

This list is intended to provide selected, entry-level, knowledge, terms, and analysis, as well as a bit of history, for those new to antifascist thinking or organizing.

Note that these articles often contain conflicting perspectives on the topics of fascism they consider. We do not endorse any particular perspective associated with any of the pieces referenced, but do consider them all useful to consider, in various ways.

Please comment with resources (links are especially appreciated); I’ll integrate them into this note.

Book-Length Treatments

Online Articles

What is Fascism? How To Recognize It?

Post-Trump Election Writings on the Fascist Threat
Attack the Patriarchy.
On Immigration and Migrant Defense
On Anti-Muslim Movements and Surveillance
Indigenous Solidarity and Defense
Antifascist History
Recommended Antifa Websites & Groups


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