Talking Stick TV, has released a video version of a previously-shared interview with Hex, who was shot in an act of political violence on the University of Washington, Seattle campus, on January 20.

The General Defense Committee (GDC) of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) has been attempting to support this Fellow Worker and Defender (see also this fundraiser), and the Seattle GMB (General Membership Branch) and GDC of the IWW are organizing a large antifascist rally for this Friday, March 31st.

Strongly recommended.

In this interview, Hex discusses why he went to the protest where he was shot by an Alt-Right supporter, what went through his mind after his was shot, how his experience relates to the experiences of others, and especially restorative justice. Hex continues to want to engage his shooter(s) in a restorative justice process, and offers serious and impassioned reasons for wanting to avoid reinforcing the prison system.

If you are in Seattle, Kansas City, the Twin Cities, Madison, or Atlanta, please consider finding, attending, and supporting the March 31st Antifascist Rallies that we are holding in solidarity with Hex, and antifascists around the globe.

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