Local Neo-Nazis Flee Minnesota State Capitol After Being Shut Out by Union Members and Anti-Fascists

May 6th, 2017

The Twin Cities General Defense Committee led “Rally against the Advocates of Race War” on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol was an unqualified success. We achieved all of our goals and then some. We denied a platform to the neo-Nazi, fascist, and white supremacist Alt-Right. This included our success in discouraging the Afrikkkaner neo-Nazi, Simon Roche, from even attending an event at which he was slated to speak. We drove a wedge between Trump supporters and those who are unambiguously members of the fascist right. We physically isolated the fascists and gave Trump supporters no choice but to choose which side they were on. This led Drumpf organizers to publicly denounce these Nazis, separating themselves from the fascists who were attempting to organize their base. The successes of this action proves the strength in our movements. 


Photo from Unicorn Riot (twitter)

For months, the neo- Nazis had been planning an action that they hoped would unify and empower of the alt-right. What they were left with was a pathetic display, indicative of their weakness and cowardice, as they hid behind the cops that were protecting them. In comparison, we had very little time to mobilize the turn out against the attempts of the neo-Nazis to spread their brand of hate. This speaks volumes of what the people are capable of achieving and will only energize those who have not yet joined us on the streets. Our bullhorn-amplified voice in the form of song and various chants was completely spontaneous but very effective. We drowned the Nazis out and wore them down. 

Our use of humor, sarcasm, and wit was especially effective. Fascists take themselves seriously; they do not like to be the butt of laughter. But we laughed at them and they scowled when they were not making absurd arguments about white genocide. The racist birds of the Alt-Right never took flight. We clipped their wings and plucked their feathers. They waddled away from the state capitol like sad penguins, admitting their own defeat in remarks under their breath. We should pat ourselves on the back. This action proved that fascists will never have a strong hold in the Twin Cities so long as our movement is rooted in the mass working class that will resist fascist neo-Nazi organizing.

Participants in our counter rally held strong at 200 people, not including an estimated 100 of those who had to leave and the others that showed up in their place. In comparison to about twenty Nazis and 30 or so Trump supporters, we are reminded that Saint Paul will always stand up to bigotry of any kind. This ratio enabled us to hold the high ground that we seized by arriving early. We looked magnificent: multiracial, all genders, all abilities, all orientations, all ages; masked and unmasked, black bloc and plain clothes. We were in short, the working class. The working class will lead the revolution. 


Initial Press Release

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