Picture above from Unicorn Riot

Click here to watch the Unicorn Riot video on this action on Vimeo


From the Unicorn Riot writeup and post (visit their page for the full article):

The harassment has included multiple reports of a naked man jumping out and masturbating as bikers went by. The situation recently escalated as a naked man jumped a rider and tried to pull them off their bike. The rider got away, and reported the incident to police, but also advised people in the Grease Rag facebook page of the occurrence.

The community is coming together and wanted options besides having to call the police, when we spoke with Jill she said that she wanted,

a community self-defense aspect, of showing that we can be out in the street as women, whenever we want we have that right. And we’re not going to allow someone to ruin it for us. We’re going to get together as a community and work together to stop it.”

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