Our solidarity goes out to all those who’ve held the #4thPrecinctShutDown over the last 18 days. The cowards acted, as they do, in the quietest part of the night. Yesterday, in a City Hall meeting that violated the Open Meeting Law, Police Union President Robert KKKroll lectured city government that it was “time to listen to me” and to let people who know how to get things done do it. Typical fascist language.

Kroll throws his weight around in an illegal City Hall meeting on the protests, yesterday

We also ask all those interested in tackling one of the roots of this problem to join us at 6 PM at Bottineau Park in NE Minneapolis to demand the ouster of organized White Supremacists and racists from the MPD, the expulsion of KKKroll from both the union and the force, and to demand that the local media stop treating blatantly racist police spokespeople as credible sources of comment.


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