We received notification today that “Jeffrey Jindra” was planning to attend our December 3rd action against Bob Kroll, the demonstrably racist Federation of Police officers president for Minneapolis cops. It happened after “Jeffrey Jindra” posted a taunting photo from inside the Fourth Precinct to our Facebook page. “We know that name,” we thought. And we did.

He has (or does) serve on the Board of Directors of the Police Officers Federation of Minnesota, Kroll’s Cop Union. His son appears to currently serve at the Fourth Precinct.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 8.57.04 PM

Jeffrey Jindra of the FOP Cop Union;
Officer Jindra of the 4th Precinct

But if this is an attempt to surveil us, it’s a poor attempt; If it’s an attempt to intimidate us, it’s a poor attempt. We’re doing this in public and are unafraid.

They are the cowards, who hide their moral and personal failures behind badges and weapons they train on our communities.

Jindra is a guy who’s been accused of improperly cuffing a 14 year old, and the day after he was acquitted on that charge, was accused of forcing a suspect facedown and handcuffed on the floor. While there, “Jindra kicked him in the head until his jaw was broken. Other officers present also purportedly assaulted him in the face and the abdomen.” He’s also been accused of raping suspects with a toilet plunger. (CP, MPD BLUES: JEFF JINDRA IS ACCUSED OF MISCONDUCT–AGAIN, Man who accused Minneapolis police speaks out, and Feds won’t prosecute Minneapolis officers in plunger case )

He’s got a social media bad boy ‘tude, as well. Recently, he let people know his views on people and policing with this quote: “Alright, if you are a rock dealer at Chi/Frank (presumed to reference the intersection of Chicago and Franklin Avenues) do you want to sell a pill to a Lone Geeker or do you want 14 people on the 1st of the month who just had their EBT card refreshed. (sic) Language you understand.” (Insight, Insensitive remarks on a Minneapolis police officer’s Facebook page spark outrage; open internal investigation)

Here’s a legal document considering whether he received promotion and assignment over another more skilled officer on the basis of his whiteness: http://extras.twincities.com/pdf/Order_Denying_Summary_Judgment_070208[1].pdf

This is his Twitter account, we believe

And this is his facebook account


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